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Sales Curriculum

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Curriculum content

  • In the webinar Emma Mathers, our Commercial Paralegal, will provide an overview Ideagen's contractual documents (including MSSA, SoW, SLA etc.), our legal review process, contract sign-off limits and explain what documents need to be signed and uploaded to Salesforce to process your orders.
    • Lesson Sales Contract Process

  • Product Positioning Overview: who buys what, for what, and in what industry. In this webinar, Jenn Sillars, Product Marketing Manager aims to give you a better picture of cross-selling opportunities within your accounts and opportunities.
  • Rob Shillaker, Sales Enablement Manager, will give an overview of Sales Enablement, explain the new Pre-Sales booking and Bid co-ordination processes as well as an update on our AskGen project.
  • In advance of switching over to the new Salesforce Lightning platform later in September, this webinar provides a general overview of the Lightning Platform, advise of the benefits of switching to Lightning and the impact the switch will have.
  • During this Webinar, Tracy Gardiner Group Project Services Manager will be introducing the Projects Team Structure and targets for this financial year, and talking through the new services descriptor document that has been introduced. This will give you the chance to fully understand what value the project manager adds to the customer, and assist you in selling these services to the customers.
  • An introduction to BASHO, how to craft a BASHO email to gain above the line referrals in your top target accounts. 
  • Zoe Wright, Product Manager for PleaseReview, hosts this webinar to assist in identifying cross-selling opportunities; to enable you to articulate the benefits, use the correct language and talk to the right people.
  • APS benefits webinar: session about our APS corporate membership, the benefits for each of us as individuals and what it represents to Ideagen. 
  • Gerralee Damman, Implementation Manager from Medforce, has kindly offered to give an overview of SignCenter so that you will be able to add it to your cross-sell armoury as well and be able to use it externally for sending documents requiring customer or prospect signatures, such as MSSA, Scope of Works etc.
  • In this course, Bryn Jones gives an overview of PleaseReview, Ideagen's document review, co-authoring and redaction software application.
  • George Hall, our Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, takes you through the fundamental principles of Risk Management
  • Duncan Graham, Senior Sales Consultant, gives an overview of Enterprise Risk Management and how Ideagen products address and assist in managing these risks
  • In this Webinar, Chris Woods and Charlotte Nagle take you through the new Sales to Service Delivery handover process and answer any questions you may have.
  • Chrissi Jackson, QHSE Product Manager, will go through the product positioning, functionality, value proposition and pricing for Q-Pulse Law.
  • Hugh Devine and Kevin McSharry take you through the CompliancePath Validation Services and costs for Q-Pulse customers 
  • This short webinar recording is aimed at new sales / account management staff to help them understand and sell the Ideagen Academy to customers. 
  • A series of videos with questions on the various modules of Insight SMCR
  • A course for the Sales Team to learn how to demonstrate Q-Pulse at overview level
  • A course for the Sales Team to learn how to demonstrate Pentana Audit at overview level
  • A course for the Sales Team to learn how to demonstrate PentanaMK  at overview level